Recent publications

Chandra, Siddharth, Julia Christensen, Madhur Chandra and Nigel Paneth. 2020. "Pandemic Re-emergence and Four Waves of Excess Mortality Coinciding with the 1918 Influenza Pandemic in Michigan: Insights for COVID-19," American Journal of Public Health, in press.

Chandra, Siddharth, Julia Christensen and Shimon Likhtman. 2020. "Connectivity and Seasonality: the 1918 Influenza and COVID-19 Pandemics in Global Perspective," Journal of Global History, in press.

Chandra, Siddharth. 2019. "The Indonesian Killings of 1965-66: the Case of Central Java," Critical Asian Studies  51(3):307-330. View an infographic summarizing this paper at the New Mandala website. 

Chandra, Siddharth. 2019. "Glimpses of Indonesia’s 1965 Massacre through the Lens of the Census: the Role of Trucks and Roads in ‘Crushing’ the Indonesian Communist Party in East Java," Indonesia 108:1-21. View an infographic summarizing this paper at the New Mandala website.

Benitez, Galia, Siddharth Chandra, Teniente Coronel Liz Wendy Cuadros Veloza and Intendente José Darío Díaz Cárdenas. 2019. "Following the Price: Identifying Cocaine Trafficking Networks in Colombia," Global Crime 20(2):90-114.

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Dunbar, Michael, Saul Shiffman and Siddharth Chandra. 2018. "Exposure to Workplace Smoking Bans and Continuity of Daily Smoking Patterns on Workdays and Weekends," Addictive Behaviors 80:53-58.

Chandra, Siddharth. 2017. "Glimpses of Indonesia’s 1965 Massacre through the Lens of the Census: Migration and Refuge in East Java," Indonesia, 104:27-39. Also published online as "Sekilas tentang Pembantaian Massal Indonesia Tahun 1965 lewat Kacamata Sensus: Migrasi dan Pengungsi di Jawa Timur," translated by Febriana Firdaus, May 30, 2018. View an infographic summarizing this paper at the Inside Indonesia website (English) or the YPKP65 website (Bahasa Indonesia).  

Chandra, Siddharth. 2017. "New Findings on the Indonesian Killings of 1965-66," Journal of Asian Studies 76(4):1056-86. View an infographic summarizing this paper at the New Mandala website.

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